Weekend's Trask Mountain Assault a huge success

By Troy Shockley

More than 1,000 runners completed the Trask Mountain Assault over the weekend. The cross country invitational, hosted by McMinnville High School, included boys and girls runs for varsity and junior varsity, along with middle school divisions and an open division that drew nearly 250 competitors.

The Mac High boys finished sixth in the team chase, led by Kyle Dreibelbis’ 21st-place run. Yamhill-Carlton finished in 21st, paced by Jeff Bernards’ 88th-place finish.

In the girls’ race, the Grizzlies were led by Karina Nyquist (28th) and Claire Lawson (29th) while Y-C was led by Josie Reber’s 87th-place run.

The MHS girls finished in ninth while Y-C was 18th.

Mac High boys coach Vic Downs was more than happy with his team’s results.

“I was pleased to find our boys finishing sixth,” he said. “They ran well, even though we haven’t done a lick of hill training.”
Willamina also ran at the meet, but decided to run in the open division, coach Ariah Fasana said, along with some parents and alumni.

“We ran the open so everyone could run together,” he said. “Some ran hard, others just ran to have a good time. We had a great time - this race is so fun. Everyone is already planning on running next year.”

That’s exactly the kind of news Downs wants to hear. Because, as happy as he was with his team’s finish, Downs was equally excited about the meet as a whole.

“It may have been the best Trask ever,” he said. “It was perfect weather and the course was classic! The mud was deep and the streams were dammed up by the team to knee-level. People were doing everything they could to get up the hills. They were crawling over others, grabbing tree limbs and jumping over mud bogs two feet deep!”

Finishing 33rd for the Mac High boys was Casey Ellingson. Myles Horton was 34th, Matt Sherburne was 43rd and Drew Bernhisel was 48th. Dylan Weaver finished 60th and Chris Colvin was 86th for the Grizzlies.

For the Y-C boys, Jesse Challinor was 94th, Simon Crocker was 109th, Nick Hancox was 142nd and Drafin Xthona was 200th.

Bailey Rinehold was 56th for the MHS girls, followed by Beca Scherpf in 69th, Tasia Boria in 83rd, Amanda Ecker in 102nd and Katie Chupp in 103rd.

Yamhill-Carlton’s Bailey Powe was 90th, Sarah Chivaro finished in 100th, Carrie Skuzeski was 101st and Andia Mirbagheri was 108th.

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