Glossary of Concepts: Key Aspects to Throwing the TurboJavTM and Javelin

Applying Force: the act of pulling the TurboJav past the point of delivery. By applying force to the TurboJav, the thrower can put the implement where they want it in terms of accuracy and distance. The force point where a thrower feels the force of the throw is in the area around the upper chest and shoulder muscles and the index finger at the back of the grip.

Carrying: the process of holding the TurboJav or Javelin during the period before throwing and just before the “drawback”. The implement should be carried level and the point facing forward. The implement should be as close to the center of gravity as possible.

Center of Gravity: the location somewhere below the thrower where the body is most stable. Usually the center of gravity changes with the movement of the body, head, arms, and legs through the process of running, jumping, and throwing or any other activity. The center of gravity is the location in an area below the body where balance, power, leverage and speed can be optimized or created best.

Foot Placement: Placement of the feet for the TurboJav, as well as the javelin should be shoulder width apart as seen in the photo above. By placing the feet in this position, the implement will thus be directly over one’s center of gravity, and will allow all levers used in throwing the implement to be properly moved over the center of gravity.

Drawback: the process by which a thrower moves a TurboJav or Javelin from a “carrying” position to a position whereby the implement is “cocked” in preparation for the throw. Like the “carry” the implement must be level and the point facing forward.

Grip: this term means two things. First, it is the part of the TurboJav or Javelin where the thrower holds, or “grips” the implement. Secondly, is how the implement is held throughout the duration of the process of throwing. The index finger and thumb of the throwing hand must be at the back of the grip where the grip cord and metal start on a Javelin.

Leverage: the ability to balance the body through any process and to keep it able to perform at an optimum level. It is important to have a TurboJav or Javelin thrower to “apply force” and “leverage” over his/her “center of gravity”.

Leverage System: the utilization of the body’s levers; arms, legs, head to gain complete control and balance. If one hand is behind a thrower, then one has to be in front and legs have to be placed properly, along with head positioning in order to gain complete control without losing the body’s ability to apply force over the center of gravity. The center of gravity of a thrower changes when the thrower changes the position of his/her levers. When these levers work together and the control of body positioning in the process of carrying, drawback, and release, the thrower will experience his/her best performances.

Overshoulder Throwing Motion: the process of bringing the TurboJav or Javelin over the shoulder in order to throw. By bringing the implement over the shoulder instead of around the body, like the way that some people throw baseballs, the center of gravity of the thrower never leaves the center of his/her body. By keeping the center of gravity underneath the thrower instead of out to the side, the thrower will experience more accurate and more powerful throws with less stress on the joints. By throwing out away from the body, the arm is susceptible to injuries and is not using the body’s leverage system and the large powerful muscles in the chest and shoulder.

Throwing through the Point: a common fault of any thrower in any sport is to think that throwing is a pushing motion. With the TurboJav and the Javelin, this is maybe clearer than any other implement. Javelins are elongated, or long and slender, implements. The level carry and drawback are imperative to long, accurate, and safe throws. When someone “throws through the point” they are “pulling”, not pushing the tail of the implement through where the point was only fractions of seconds earlier. By throwing the tail through the point, one is optimizing the flight pattern of the implement.