Brooks Runners Soul - Hermiston Sandstone Middle School, Hermiston

Sat. 9/11/10

By Leo Collins

Erin Hegarty put her stamp on the 2010 edition of the Brooks Runners Soul Invitational yesterday just as she did last year. The Hanford senior blazed into the lead virtually from the start and was never headed. As early as the 100 meter mark she held a slight lead, which she built into twenty meters by the half mile mark & from that point onward it was just a question of the winning time. Last year she battled with Boise ‘s Kate Jamboretz for the first half of the race before pulling away to an impressive victory in meet record time but this year she was left to her own resources. The only other difference was that last year the temperature was around 100 degrees, while on Saturday it was reasonable 80 degrees. Running fluidly yet strongly, as she breezed through the course building her lead to 40 seconds at mile and a quarter, she crossed the finish in a time of 18:30 breaking her record by 11 seconds. Notably the record prior to last year was 18:51 by Oregon & Hood River great Christy Paul, so Erin is a runner to watch this fall.

With Hegarty steadily building her lead a pack of four runners waged a spirited battle for second. Grace Viuhkola of Hood River led the way for the better part of the race shadowed by the trio of Nicole Dillavou & Claire Merriam of Pendleton plus Katie Markwich of Hermiston. By the time that they had reached the two mile mark Markwick had fallen a bit behind the others & appeared to be struggling, but she gathered herself in the last 800 meters to first pass her competitors & then pull away to claim second. Her time of 20:14 was especially fine considering that this was her first cross country race. Finsihing third through fifth were Grace Viuhkola, Nicole Dillavou & Claire Merriam. Hannah Marsh of Moses ran 20:57 to earn fifth & was the only other runner to break the 21 minute barrier.

Eduardo Juarez of Hermiston made a statement in the guys’ race that he is one to watch on the state level, as he dominated his race almost as impressively as had Hegarty. Like his Hanford counterpart, he drew away early and left the race for second to the rest of the field. His time was a very fine 16:16. One needs to look to the past to see how impressive a time that is & the record prior to 2009 was 16:01 by Brian Ehlis of West Valley (Yakima), while Jordan Ringe is now fifth on the list all-time with 16:06. Eric Fitzpatrick of Boise, three-time Idaho State champion, set the current record last year with a time of 15:50.

Joseph Schulheisz of Kennewick drew away late in the race to claim second in a time of 16:41, but in some ways the story in the boys’ race probably is the strength of the Hermiston team & the very bright future that appears to loom in the years ahead. Their freshman runner Jose Macias plus soph Andrew Valdez battled for third with Macias claiming third in a time of 16:46: two seconds ahead of his team mate. Alex Dillard of The Dalles-Wahtonka finished fifth & Alejandro Cisneros of Hermiston came home sixth.

It is early in the season and, as such, the meet provided the opportunity to impress in JV races & hopefully earn a spot on the varsity squad and Hermiston had a runner in each race to make a statement. Likely to be running varsity the next race were Hermiston runners Javier Velasco & Cynthia Asencio. Velasco over-powered his completion by 78 seconds & finished with a time of 16:52, while his team mate Jordan herd-Monroe was second. While note quite as dominant Cynthia powered away early & held on gamely despite the heat to run 22:10 & win by 27 seconds over Pasco ‘s Andrea Bonnington. Also note to be over-looked was the squad from Oregon City, which is young & rebuilding. They brought a fair number of runners to compete in all races which bodes well for the future.

The team races saw Hermiston easily win in the boys’ division with a low of 28 points, while Hanford placed second ahead of Oregon City, which had 136 points. The Pendleton girls were victorious with a low of 64 as they defeated host Hermiston, which scored 76 points. Hood River edged Moses Lake 91 to 97 for third place.

Saturday, of course, was 9/11 and the memory of those, who perished in a senseless act of terrorism in New York, was not forgotten. A moment was take to remember both those who died that morning as well as those, who courageously attempted to aid them. It is a memory none of us should ever forget.

The Oregon City team stayed over-night to complete their experience & participated with host Hermiston on Friday night there is much to be said positive about the race, which was well run & with prompt results. Both sponsors, Brooks & Runners’ Soul, provided gifts for the runners & even their families. Runners had water bottles waiting for them at the end of the shute and ‘most everyone seemed to avail themselves & appreciated the free watermelon provided by local farmers. This is a race to put on your schedule for next fall.

Girls Individual Results

1 Erin Hegarty 18:30.64 Hanford 12 2 Katie Markwick 20:14.17 Hermiston 9 3 Grace Viuhkola 20:26.71 Hood River 12 4 Nicole Dillavou 20:32.61 Pendleton 12 5 Claire Merriam 20:38.17 Hood River 12 6 Hannah Marsh 20:57.90 Moses Lake 10 7 Rachel Crawford 21:12.24 Oregon City 10 8 Jordyn Rohrman 21:34.50 Hermiston 11 9 Sandy Torres 21:58.47 Pendleton 11 10 Jacky Sheoships 21:58.70 Pendleton 12 11 Gaby Villegas 21:59.66 Hermiston 11 12 Isabela Benito 22:06.58 Waitsburg-Pr 12 13 Mallory Melius 22:13.67 Oregon City 12 14 Julia Sheremet 22:16.11 Moses Lake 10 15 Katie Dillavou 22:16.56 Pendleton 12 16 Cadence Goodwin 22:17.70 Moses Lake 9 17 Emily Pellatz 22:28.01 Oregon City 10 18 Kelsey Wilson 22:28.19 Chiawana 10 19 Muranda Schafer-Cranston 22:36.19 Umatilla 10 20 Anali Rubio 22:40.87 Umatilla 10 21 Bethany Dorian 22:45.34 Hanford 11 22 Jenna Berlin 22:49.63 Hanford 11 23 Madeline Wallace 22:54.20 Moses Lake 9 24 Alia Burke 22:55.96 Hood River 10 25 Sydney Boothe 23:05.71 Chiawana 10

Girls Team Results Boys Team Results 1 Pendleton 64 Hermiston 28 2 Hermiston 76 Hanford 91 3 Hood River 91 Oregon City 136 4 Moses Lake 97 Moses Lake 159 5 Hanford 107 Dalles-Wahtonka 185 6 Oregon City 110 Hood River 192 7 Dalles-Wahtonka 225 Kennewick 194 8 Waitsburg-Prescott Inc Pendleton 214 9 Kennewick Inc McLaughlin 237 10 McLaughlin Inc Chiawana 249 11 Umatilla Inc Stanfield 258 12 Waitsburg-Prescott Inc. Umatilla 266

Boys Individual Results

1 Eduardo Juarez 16:16.86 Hermiston 10 2 Joseph Schuldheisz 16:41.27 Dalles-Wahtonka 10 3 Andrew Valdez 16:46.40 Hermiston 12 4 Jose Macias 16:48.22 Hermiston 9 5 Alex Dillard 16:49.21 Dalles-Wahtonka 11 6 Alejandro Cisneros 17:04.84 Hermiston 9 7 Seth Deal 17:08.54 Waitsburg-Pr 10 8 Bradley Laughlin 17:10.15 Oregon City 11 9 Matthew Sturtevant 17:13.69 Chiawana 12 10 Obi Harriman 17:17.00 Umatilla 12 11 Ty Schoenwald 17:17.54 Kennewick 12 12 Hayden Wise 17:19.31 Moses Lake 11 13 Noel Hathaway 17:31.13 Hanford 11 14 Kain Garcia 17:33.94 Hermiston 11 15 Sage Deenik 17:37.18 Hood River 11 16 Jeevan Philip 17:37.51 Hanford 10 17 Ricardo Castillo 17:39.72 Hood River 9 18 Ryan Nelson 17:44.82 Hanford 12 19 Shane Shelby 17:50.42 Hanford 11 20 Ryan Montgomery 17:51.40 Pendleton 11 21 Nathan Meeker 17:51.78 Oregon City 11 22 Nathan Lind 18:00.47 Hermiston 11 23 Lucas Simpson 18:01.32 McLoughlin 11 24 Nathan Sanders 18:05.09 Hermiston 10 26 Joe Traverso 18:06.38 Hanford 11