Today and yesterday were inspirational days for me because lately I haven't been as motivated to workout since I fractured my ankle. I know that there are many girls faster than me but now it makes me realize how many more have gained speed.


I went to a local college track meet to volunteer, watch, and cheer on a former coach of mine. It was a great up close experience. The most enjoyable race to watch was the 5k because, the winner overlapped which pulled off nearly half the girls off the track in windy / humid conditions. She also set a record at a time of 16:47 I believe. Not only did she set a record but also she made it look easy. Her form was so smooth and looked amazing. She had so much leg muscle and every stride you could tell everything she was doing was just right.


It was motivational for me because, some day I want to be blowing away college meets in the same way that she did.


The 4 by 400 meter relay was an exciting race to watch as well because I was close to the runners and was able to watch their smooth handoffs. I encourage other runners to go watch a local college meet if they need some motivation, it sure did work for me!