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School Gets Healthy

We've all heard the very real stories about the problems of childhood obesity.

One local school tries to make a giving kids the motivation to exercise for fun.

And they start, by hitting the pavement.

Tonight, we take you to Ganns Middle Valley elementary for one more example of what's right with our schools.

Hundreds of elementary school students cross the finish line after a one mile run. This is the 9th annual road race at Ganns Middle Valley elementary school.

Bennie Grimes, Teacher: how do you feel? tired Is it good to get out here and do this? Oh, definitely.

Every year, students, their parents, community leaders and teachers hit the road, to send out a message, that exercise is not only good for you, it's also fun.

Ben Tench, 5th grader I think it's awesome. why do you think it's awesome? It's just all of us getting out of school to do something fun, to just get to run around in the middle of the road, yeah, yeah!

Drew White, P.E. Coach: We just want to find a way for the kids to exercise and enjoy physical activity and we think this is a great way to come out, and to participate.

Whether they're running or walking, everyone seemed to be having a good time. A former P.E. Teacher came up with the run, and school officials decided it was a great idea. One state lawmaker agrees.

State Senator Bo Watson: You know the state, and the federal government and the local government invest a lot of money in programs to encourage healthy lifestyles, but this is really what gets it done.

It's estimated 6-hundred people participated in the road race this year. Most are students. With the reports of childhood obesity on the rise across the country, some parents are hoping this race will inspire students to make some life long commitments to stay in shape, at school, and at home.

Scott Bishop, Parent: the big thing is, you don't have to train long and hard, it's little things. And if we can get the kids out to start here, and maybe take it home and walk or run around the block one time, that's all it takes.