By Brian Argabright

Published September 29, 2008
Del Rio’s middle school cross-country runners were back in their winning form Saturday as they swept the top spots at the Nueces Canyon meet.

The school’s seventh and eight grade boys and girls teams each took first place in their respective divisions. Of the four first place finishes, three were perfect scores.

The seventh grade girls set the tone as the first five runners to cross the finish line at the end of the two-mile course were from Del Rio.

Estefany Gomez was first in a time of 14:56. Valentina Gallegos was second in 15:30. Kaitlyn Joy was third in 15:55. Alexis Gonzalez finished fourth in 16:10. Miranda Bunch was fifth in 16:10.

Also competing for the seventh grade girls team were Kimberly Alcala (10th, 17:25), Citlalli Lopez (11th, 17:26), Kyla Gladson (16th, 18:46), Kayla Reyes (17th, 18:57), Christa Hanson (18th, 19:26), Teresa Corona (19th, 19:29), Rachel Rials (20th, 19:31) and Selene Lopez (21st, 19:34).

The seventh grade boys were even more impressive, taking the top 10 individual spots.

Cesar Moreno finished the two-mile course first overall in a time of 13:27. Close behind were teammates Lemuel Herrera, who was second in 13:33; Tony Martinez, who was third in 13:37; Coalson Brown, who was fourth in 13:55; Reggie Jimenez, who was fifth in 14:12; Darian Castro, who was sixth in 15:00; Brian Linares, who was seventh in 15:10; Joel Rubio, who was eighth in 15:11; Edmundo Ramon, who was ninth in 15:17; and Jesus Alderete, who was 10th in 15:21.

Also competing for the seventh grade boys team were Robert Valdez (17th, 16:19), Fabian Cortez (25th, 17:38), Kristian Pimentel (28th, 18:47), Mark Sanchez (30th, 19:04), Andrew Gonzalez (32nd, 19:35), and Kurtis Davis (33rd, 21:39).

The eighth grade boys team also achieved a perfect score as the team’s first six runners cross the finish line ahead of every other team in their division. In all, seven of the team’s runners finished in the top 10.

Gilbert Terrazas was first overall in a time of 12:34. Jose Jaramillo was second in 12:55, Eduardo Cruz was third in 13:09, Zack Vasquez was fourth in 13:24, Jaime Ovalle was fifth in 13:51, Ariel Cordova was sixth in 13:52 and Sergio Salinas was eighth in 14:01.

Also competing for the eighth grade boys team were Eduardo Torres (14th, 16:08), John Alcala (15th, 16:12), Jorge Vargas (17th, 16:43) and Sebastian Martinez (18th, 17:01).

Runners from the middle school’s eighth grade girls team took the top two spots and placed six runners among the top 10 to claim the team title.

Bianca Renteria was the top runner overall, taking first in 14:56. Cristela Hernandez was second in 15:45. Kaitlin Witt was fifth in 16:24, Mattie Turner was sixth in 16:26, Kelsey Green was eighth in 16:51, and Alexia Barrera was 10th in 16:55.

Also competing for the eighth grade girls team were Dulce Ramon (12th, 17:06), Kaelyn Martinez (13th, 17:18), Georgina Mayorga (18th, 18:05), Miranda Reyes (22nd, 18:36) and Leigh Dixon (30th, 22:12).

The next scheduled meet for the middle school teams is Saturday at the Peanut Invitational in Floresville.


Stats and information provided by coach Vicky Jimenez.