Oregon - Washington Meet of Champions
6/3/06 at Lewis & Clark College

Warm temperatures & a slight breeze greeted track fans at the Brooks Meet of Champions. Washington depth would be a factor all day but stars of both states gave a good accounting, as the Oregon girls defeated their counterparts & the Washington boys triumphed. Oregon's Nyema Smith won both the 100 & 200 Meters dashes & Bianca Mathabane of Oregon accounted for both hurdles races.

The distance races afforded for some spirited racing not the least of which was Sheryl Page's 800 Meters. The race began with two Washington runners pushing the pace. After less than 100M the two Washington girls had a 5 meter lead on the field, while Page was looking sluggish back in 6th. The Sandy star finally got rolling after 200 meters & moved up to the leaders. Running in a box for the next half of a lap it still did not look well for her. Rounding the first turn on the last lap things grew even worse when the Washington lead runner, Henderson, went down hard. Page was forced to hurdle the girl which caused her lose much of her momentum. As she struggled to regain her stride she fell a good five yards behind. By the final turn Page was back to challenge for the lead & then drew quickly away for a 3 second victory. In spite of her difficulties she ran a personal best of a fine 2:11.

The Washington girls took command early in the race for the mile run with Chelsea Van Brake winning easily over fellow Washingtonians Stephanie Marcy & Alyssa Daw. Jennifer Macias slowly fought her way through the pack to add 4th place points for Oregon. The girls 3K saw Claire Michel of Oregon & Bronwyn Crossman of Washington steadily pull away from their competition. The pace was a rather brisk 2:32, although no one seemed to be pressing. Michel maintained a slight lead & it remained that way lap after lap. She hit the 1600 M mark with a time of 5:19. In the course of the next two laps Michel opened up a slight 3 to 4 meter margin but it still seemed as if the race would come down to a final kick. That would not be the case, however, as Michel opened up with less than a lap to go. Surging to a quick 25 yard lead the winner was no longer in doubt, yet surprisingly it suddenly appeared there might be a race for the place position. Crossman tried to maintain her stride as best she could but Hayley Belli of Philomath, Oregon quickly gained yardage with a surprising surge. Coming off the last turn it still seemed to be too big a gap to breach but at the end Belli caught her tired opponent to capture 2nd. Michel 's winning time was 10:06.

The race for the guys' 800 Meters showed why Kenny Klotz of Oregon is one of the nation's top preps. Having won the 1,500 & 3K double at State the previous weekend he moved down for an essential speed workout with a strong group of runners. Washington's Charlie Williams led the pack through a quality 56. The Central Catholic star moved into second shortly before the 400. He maintained his position until the far turn, where he imperceptibly shifted gears & opened up an immediate 5 yard cushion. And that, as they say, was the race. Klotz' 800 M bodes well for Central Catholic's goal of having a strong 4 by 800 Meter relay at Junior Nationals.

If the 800 Meters gave one the sense of being almost scripted, the Mile run appeared to be as well. Ryan Waite of Oregon had established a new State record in the 800 Meters the previous week & was moving up in distance with an avowed goal of running a 4:10 in the event. With his speed & a little help it might have worked that way too but the first lap doomed any real chance at that fine a time. A Washington runner led the pack through a time of 64, which although not bad, left little chance for a 4:10. Jerhoemee Murray was in 2nd at that point & then assumed the lead & the work. Sensing that things were still too slow Waite moved into the lead a bit later. He looked fluid as he pushed the pace but one had to wonder, if it would take it's toll. Rounding the last turn Waite maintained his form & was moving well but Josh Frazier of Oregon was still gaining on him. Frazier, who had somewhat of a coming out party last weekend, when he won both the 800M & 1,500 Meter 3A titles, was flying as he entered the final straight. Waite on the other hand was beginning to lose a bit of his form & they dueled down the stretch. In the end it was Frazier, who will be back next year, who prevailed, but both runners treated the fans with quality performances.

The boys' 3K witnessed a fine performance by another of Oregon's great distance stars. Isaac Stoutenburg, who was a Footlocker Finalist last year & was the defending champion in this event. His race was a classic display of measuring your resources. In the early going it was Oregon's Nelson Zaludek, who did the work leading the pack. He went through the 400M in 69 with Stoutenburg back in 4th. Stout moved into 2nd by the next lap & there would be no change for the next two laps. Kyle King of Washington took the lead with 3 laps to go with the Crater, Oregon runner cruising just behind. He made his move with two laps remaining & opened a gap of 25 yards by the time he had rounded the turn. From that point on he maintained control to easily win by 7 seconds. It was a fine effort by one who has turned in many high quality performances. Afterward he noted that he felt well all the way & the race went as expected.

Not all races go that way of course but track fans were treated to many fine performances. After the tense weeks of qualifying & then racing in State meets this is in many ways a pleasant & perfect meet for the time. The low-key attitude was best exemplified by the Boys 4 by 400 Meters relay team, who included the hokey-pokey in their warm-up exercises. Make no mistake they were all business, when the race began, & track fans appreciated that as well.



100 Meter Dash
1 Sims, Nyema Oregon 11.95
2 James, Chanel Washington 12.23
3 Joy-Griffey, Princess Washington 12.35
4 Smith, Kayla Oregon 12.46

Girls 200 Meter Dash
1 Sims, Nyema Oregon 25.15 1.9
2 Smith, Kayla Oregon 25.22 1.9
3 Hill, Schaveyantay Oregon 25.42 1.9
4 Sutherland, Kelsey Washington 25.71 1.9

Girls 400 Meter Dash
1 Hoffman, Brenna Oregon 55.95
2 Haven, Jenna Washington 56.86
3 Wongwai, Jamie Washington 59.56

800 Meter Run
1 Page, Sheryl Oregon 2:11.61
2 Wild, Sara Oregon 2:14.15
3 Moore, Cori Washington 2:14.57
4 Brown, Jackie Oregon 2:23.17

Girls 1 Mile Run
1 VanDeBrake, Chelsea Washington 5:02.90
2 Marcy, Stephanie Washington 5:07.95
3 Daw, Alyssa Washington 5:09.65
4 Macias, Jennifer Oregon 5:13.42

Girls 3000 Meter Run
1 Michel, Claire Oregon 10:06.09
2 Belli, Hayley Oregon 10:15.36
3 Crossman, Bronwyn Washington 10:15.98
4 VanRyseelberghe, Noelle Oregon 10:27.33

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles
1 Mathabane, Bianca Oregon 13.97
2 Martin, Jewell Oregon 14.96
3 Malinen, Jenna Washington 15.31
4 Miller, Maddie Oregon 15.40

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles
1 Mathabane, Bianca Oregon 44.05
2 Rife, Alyssa Oregon 45.23
3 Myron, Lindsay Washington 47.02
4 Martin, Jewell Oregon 47.02

Girls 4x100 Meter Relay
1 Oregon 'A' 46.51 1) Mathabane, Bianca 2) Sims, Nyema 3) Martin, Jewell 4) Smith, Kayla
2 Washington 'B' 47.31

Girls 4x400 Meter Relay
1 Washington 'A' 3:54.00 1) Henderson, Brittany 2) Maritz, Mimi 3) Wongwai, Jamie 4) Haven, Jenna
2 Oregon 'B' 3:57.75

Girls High Jump
1 Kelly, Jasmine Washington 5-06.00
2 McNamee, Kelly Washington 5-04.00
3 Shaw, Amanda Oregon 5-04.00 J
4 Self, Whitney Washington 5-02.00

Girls Pole Vault
1 Huestis, Alexa Washington 11-06.00
2 Valan, Calvo Washington 11-00.00
3 Schumacher, Terra Oregon J11-00.00
4 Beard, Lyndsey Oregon 10-06.00

Girls Long Jump
1 Rhodes, Rebecca Oregon 18-01.00
2 White, Mandy Oregon 17-09.50
2 Langstrom, Jade Washington 17-09.50
4 Karim, Amirah Washington 17-09.00

Girls Triple Jump
1 Myron, Lindsay Washington 37-08.75
2 Davis, Shene Washington 37-01.25
3 Hughes, Erika Washington 37-00.75
4 Rhodes, Rebecca Oregon 36-07.50

Girls Shot Put
1 Hooks, Whitney Washington .51-01.50
2 Espinoza, Jaclyn Oregon 44-05.00
3 Tripp, Katherine Oregon 43-10.00
4 Hasslen, Alyssa Oregon 41-10.00

Girls Discus Throw
1 Espinoza, Jaclyn Oregon 151-01
2 Tripp, Katherine Oregon 147-09
3 Bobeck, Laura Oregon 137-11
4 Hasslen, Alyssa Oregon 131-08

Girls Hammer Throw
1 Midles, Gabby Washington 164-01
2 Fliger, Alicia Washington 139-02
3 Hendershot, Kayla Oregon 133-08
4 Midles, Maddy Washington 133-00

Girls Javelin Throw
1 Super, Ali Oregon 137-09
2 Knutzen, Elise Washington 130-05
3 Bernstein, Leigh Oregon 127-07
4 Grizzel, Chrissi Oregon 125-02

Boys 100 Meter Dash
1 Snipes, Attrail Washington 10.79
2 Carpenter, Michael Oregon 10.92
3 Wells, Dylan Oregon 11.00
4 Cauley, Dan Oregon 11.06

Boys 200 Meter Dash
1 Snipes, Attrail Washington 21.71 0.1
2 Douglas, Spencer Washington 22.48 0.1
3 Dean, Michael Washington 22.57 0.1
4 Lambert, Shaun Oregon 22.72 0.1

Boys 400 Meter Dash
1 Dean, Michael Washington 49.08
2 Chittim, Jon Washington 49.39
3 Michaels, Chris Washington 49.73
4 Hill, Zeke Washington 49.83

Boys 1 Mile Run
1 Frazier, Josh Oregon 4:14.84
2 Waite, Ryan Oregon 4:15.20
3 Weller, Michael Oregon 4:17.99
4 Hassan, Abdi Washington 4:19.80
5 Murray, Jerhoemee Oregon 4:24.43

Boys 800 Meter Run
1 Klotz, Kenny Oregon 1:53.17
2 Williams, Charlie Washington 1:54.34
3 Liebman, Jeremy Oregon 1:55.16
4 Dietzel, Caleb Oregon 1:57.54

Boys 3000 Meter Run
1 Stoutenburgh, Isaac Oregon 8:43.35
2 King, Kyle Washington 8:50.64
3 Zelenak, Kevin Washington 8:52.06
4 Elder, Kevin Oregon 9:04.62 5
5 Zaludek, Nelson Oregon 9:10.42 4

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles
1 McBee, Tyler Oregon 14.64 0.3
2 Massey, Lloyd Oregon 15.00 0.3
3 Poorsi, Tyreil Washington 15.15 0.3
4 Mundell, Nick Washington 15.30 0.3

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles
1 McBee, Tyler Oregon 39.26
2 McMaster, Brian Washington 39.27
3 Mundell, Nick Washington 39.94
4 Comstock, Keven Oregon 40.49

Boys 4x100 Meter Relay
1 Washington 'A' 42.43 1) McGee, Brian 2) Hill, Zeke 3) Michaels, Chris 4) Snipes, Attrail
2 Oregon 'B' 42.97 8

Boys 4x400 Meter Relay
1 Oregon 'A' 3:16.34 1) Carpenter, Michael 2) Lambert, Shaun 3) Hayden, Jacob 4) Waite, Ryan 2 Washington 'B' 3:16.78 1) Chittim, Jon 2) McMaster, Brian 3) Mundell, Nick 4) Abdullahi, Faisal 3

Boys High Jump
1 Taiwo, Jeremy Washington 6-06.00
2 Arrivey, Trent Washington 6-06.00
3 Stelzer, Cody Oregon 6-04.00
4 Bishop, Jordan Oregon 6-04.00

Boys Pole Vault
1 Vu, Ryan Washington 16-00.00
2 Cogdill, Ben Oregon 15-06.00
3 Sampson, Sam Washington 15-00.00
4 Brink, Adam Oregon 15-00.00

Boys Long Jump
1 Lovell, Jeremy Washington 23-01.25
2 Herman, Magaiva Washington 22-07.00
3 Lovell, Josh Washington 21-10.75
4 Bishop, Jordan Oregon 21-09.75

Boys Triple Jump
1 Taiwo, Jeremy Washington 48-03.50
2 Jordan, Evan Washington 45-05.75
3 Andrews, Kaden Oregon 44-06.00
4 Felt, Justin Oregon 43-06.50

Boys Shot Put
1 Morris, Korion Washington 60-00.00
2 Elisara, Cameron Washington 59-11.00
3 Wilske, Bob Washington 57-05.50
4 Ayers, Steven Washington 56-08.00

Boys Discus Throw
1 Morris, Korion Washington 178-08
2 Wilske, Bob Washington 168-05
3 Ayers, Steven Washington 168-04
4 Aldredge, Jordan Oregon 171-10 158-04

Boys Hammer Throw
1 Stray, Jordan Washington 214-04
2 Richards, Zack Washington 201-08
3 Nelson, Alex Washington 183-03
4 Volland, Josh Washington 157-05

Boys Javelin Throw Boys Javelin Throw
1 Davis, Michael Washington 210-08
2 Harris, Jason Washington 201-01
3 Rozell, Ray Oregon 195-02
4 Trubachick, Nick Oregon 189-01

Team Results - Girls
1) Oregon 331.50
2) Washington 299.50

Team Results - Boyss
1) Washington 381
2) Oregon 277