Wallace Spearmon, men's 200 meter winner

It's almost like the elements didn't matter. I felt pretty good on

the turn. New York will have to be faster (nest week). My coach

told me don't run anything crazy, just stay healthy, just do what it

takes to win and that's what I did.

Bershawn Jackson, men's 400 meter hurdle winner

It's all mental. We all have to deal with the weather. Whoever

overcomes it is going to win and that's what happened today.

Michelle Perry, women's 100 meter hurdles winner

I really knew the crowd was going to be a factor. The last time I

was here, I was doing the heptathlon. I really took a break today

just doing the hurdles, it seemed.

The blocks were a little funny and the false starts were a little

distracting, but I knew I had to stay focused and that's what I did.

Torri Edwards, women's 100 meter winner

It feels really good. I was waiting to get a good win. I wanted to

get back to where I was before and I'm close. I've always had a

strong start, I've been working on the end of my race. A few more

races and I'll get my rhythm back.

Bernard Lagat, men's 1 mile winner

I was feeling good on the last lap. This year I was feeling

confident so I wanted to finish strong. I ran :54 the last lap, that

was good.

The field was very strong; there's not been a race like this in the

U.S. in a long time. Everybody was in it. Today I wanted to follow,

that was my strategy. I was feeling strong.

Toby Stevenson, men's pole vault winner

The wind played a big part in today. We were all having trouble with it.

There are days when you come to jump really high and days you come to

compete. Today was one of the days you just come to compete.

I'm ready to put together some big jumps.

We're all gearing up for nationals, we're all going to be there.