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USATF Minnesota Association 5 km Race Walk Championships



Start Time 7:30 AM

Skill Level of Athletes

All skill levels of athletes are welcome. The only restriction is that you must be able to complete the distance that you enter before the Max Time for that day has passed. In 2010, we had race walkers that took over 14 minutes per mile and race walkers that took only 7 minutes per mile. We won't let you start a new lap after Max Time has passed. See the entry form for the Max Time for each day.

Type of Participation

We welcome race walkers, walkers and runners to all events.

There are two points of walking technique that differentiate race walking, walking and running. These two rules are carefully defined in the rules of race walking, but here is a version that is simple to understand:

  1. both shoes cannot be off the ground at the same time
  2. a knee can be bent only when the shoe on the same leg is either on the ground behind the body or in the air

If you don't follow rule 1, then you are running. If you don't follow rule 2, but do follow rule 1, then you are walking. If you follow both rule 1 & rule 2, then you are race walking. There will be race walk judges on the course at all times to enforce these rules. If 3 or more judges independently decide that you have violated the appropriate rules, then you are disqualified (DQed) from that type of participation.

The chief race walk judge will attempt to notify an athlete that they have been DQed from a particular type of participation. If we are unable to notify you during the race, we will automatically adjust the type of participation when we create the results.

A race walker that is DQed for violating Rule 2, can continue as a walker. A walker or a race walker that is DQed for violating Rule 1 can continue as a runner. Runners can never be DQed.

Event Dates.

    Event 1
  • Begins:
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St. Paul Academy , St. Paul, MN

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