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Portland to Coast HS Relay Challenge




Registration Facts


  • PTC High School Challenge will accept a total of 50 teams for the 2015 event

  • Open to youth ages 18 & under (excluding class of 2014 graduated seniors)


  • Teams must have a minimum of 8 members and a maximum of 12
  • Each team with one or more members within 100 mile radius of the course, must provide three (3) volunteers for event weekend.
  • Once confirmed, all teams and fees are non-refundable, non-transferable
  • If a team is not accepted, their check will NOT be deposited and securely shredded
  • NO cashier's checks or money orders allowed
  • Team Registration Fee: $125.00

Track & Cross Country Coaches

The PTC High School Challenge is a great way to: 

  • Promote team camaraderie
  • Encourage students to train through the summer
  • Recruit new runners! 

OSAA Regulations (Off-Season Participation)

  • A team cannot race under a high school or mascot name, nor race representing the high school, rather as individuals
  • Team members must be enrolled in high school, not graduates.
  • A team cannot be restricted to track and cross-country team members only
  • A coach cannot coordinate the team as part of a team activity, but he or she can drive one of the vans, as a friend of the team
  • Check the Oregon School Activities Association website for more info.


After being initially accepted into the event, Captains will receive an email with a unique link to use for signup. After following this link and entering your demographic information, you will be prompted to create a password. Using your email address as your username, you will now have access to the team roster, allowing you to add/remove team members, edit Race Pace data, change your team name, etc.

Team Members

Onlu Team Captains are able to add runners to their Portland To Coast Team Roster. Once your Captain adds you to the online roster, an email invitation will be sent, officially inviting you to join that team.

Questions or Issues?

Visit our FAQ page or Contact Us , we are happy to assist you!


Event Dates.

    Event 1
  • Begins:
  • Ends:

  • Event 2
  • Begins:
  • Ends:

  • Event 3
  • Begins:
  • Ends:


Under the Hawthorne Bridge, Portland, OR

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