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Mid-Atlantic Youth Indoor Series


MEET WEBSITE2006 Youth Indoor Track & Field Meet Schedule
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Mid-Atlantic USA Track & Field is pleased to announce details of its’ 2006 Youth Indoor meet series.  Please read all of the information below as there are several changes from previous years.  The developmental meets are sponsored by Mid-Atlantic USA Track & Field at no cost for Mid-Atlantic Youth members. Guests from other associations are welcome for a fee.  You must have a current 2006 USATF membership and only Registered Clubs may participate in the relays. All athletes will be assigned a number that they must wear at all meets.  All athletes must be preregistered online with a club or as unattached.    Numbers will be assigned from this online registration prior to the meets and can be picked up at the packet pickup table.  Pre-Registration is required for all meets and there will no day of the meet registration.   It is important to remember that we must vacate the Fieldhouse at the designated time and events may be cancelled if we are running overtime.  Your roster of club and unattached athletes must finalized by Thursday midnight before each meet. Once you register and receive number(s), you can add additional athletes online to your roster. (Rosters are fozen Thursday Midnight before each meet)   


All meets will be held at Lehigh University, Rauch Fieldhouse, Bethlehem, PA

Developmental Dates:
Mid-Atlantic Championship Carnival:

January   8, 2006
January 22, 2006
February 5, 2006
February 25, 2006
February 26, 2006

9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.
9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.
9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.
1:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M.(High School)
8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.(14 and Under)


Members of USA Track & Field (Must have current 2006 membership Number).Any USATF member of your club will be on your roster!If they aren't members of USATF, apply for Membership here.


Sub-Bantam (Born after 1998), Bantam (Born in 1996 or 1997), Midget (Born in 1994 or 1995)
Youth (Born in 1992 or 1993), High School (Born in 1988, 1989, 1990 or 1991)
*Intermediate (Born in 1990 or 1991), Young M/W (Born in 1988 0r 1989) Contested as High School Division on Feb 25th, 14 and Under only on the Feb 26th


No Charge to current members of Mid-Atlantic USA Track & Field for meets 1-3
$6.00 per athlete / per meet for Non Mid-Atlantic USATF members at all Meets
$6.00 per athlete for all athletes at the ChampionshipLost numbers will be replaced at a cost of $1.00 per number


Ribbons 1st – 6th Place in Meets 1-3 Medals 1st – 3rd Place & Ribbons 4th – 6th Place in the Championship


All athletes and teams must be pre-registered in order to compete in these meets. All Rosters are due by the Thursday before the meet. An athlete can only be on one roster.  There will be NO day of the meet registrations permitted.  You can build your roster to complete the Meet Registration online Here. 

Schedule of Events:

January   8, 2006
January 22, 2006
February 5, 2006
February 25, 2006
February 26, 2006

1500 MR, 55 MDT, 400 MD, 55 MDF, 4X200 RLY, LJ, HJ, SP, PV
800 MR, 55 MDT, 200 MD, 55MDF, 4X400 RLY, LJ, HJ, SP, PV
1500 MR, 55 MDT, 400 MD, 55 MDF, 4X200 RLY, LJ, HJ, SP, PV            
(Youth Ages 15+) 1 Mile, 55MDT, 800 MR, 200 MD, 55MDF, SP, PV
1500MR, 55MDT, 400 MD, 800 MR, 200 MD, 55MDF, 4X400 RLY, LJ, SP, HJ

·        Event limitations will be strictly enforced.  Violators will be not be permitted to participate in future meets
·        There will be no Relays in the High School Division in meets 1-3
·        There is positively No Eating on the Fieldhouse floor
·        No bags or carry-on items of any kind allowed in the infield. Warmups only, arrive in clerking in your racing shoes ready to run. Anyone bringing personal items to the infield will be removed from the meet. Specifically water bottles, drink bottles, juice box/bottles, or any kind of food are not allowed. Any youth jumping on the pole vault equipment will be asked to leave. 
Note: The rosters need to be filled out online. If you have any problem with your roster, email WBrasington@Yahoo.com 

Event Dates.

    Event 1
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