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Track workouts

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


Ok I am wanting to get my 800 time down under 2:00 i ran a 2:03 last year and my hardest work out was 8x400 and i just did that once i know it is crazy how well my time is for my workouts i've talked to college coaches but they don't tell me much what can i do to reach my fastest time in an 800?


There really isn't enough information to give you proper guidance, but I'd say build your aerobic base mileage over time so you have good endurance for the second lap of the 800. To develop good rhythm in an 800, I like to do 6 x 200m once a week. We might run at slower than mile pace during cross country season and gradually speed up so that we can run at or a little faster than 800m goal pace by the end of outdoors. We're trying to make 800m goal pace feel as easy as possible, while developing endurance all year long.

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