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Track and field gear

Answered By Random Question Central


My son who just turned 15 will be joining the track team this coming year and me and my wife have yet to find him shorts that will not ride up and 'wedgie' as my son calls them to train during this summer. We have already tried 4 different pairs/styles of shorts all rode up pretty bad. I am not sure what to do, and he does not want to do track now because of this. He was on the high school wrestling team last year and had issues with his singlet riding up as well. Any suggestion on good gear to prevent his 'wedgie' issue?


First of all we take the dreaded "Wedgie Syndrome" very seriously here at Youthrunner. My suggestion would be to find your local specialty running store and get the heads up from the experts in the shop. Let him try on some shorts until he finds what works. Besides shoes, most of the guys-gals that work in the stores are runners and know what is what. Good Luck and let us know what kind of shorts you end up with.

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